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  • James Roth

Hog Heaven: Bedford Opens Largest Harley Davidson Dealership in Texas

BEDFORD — When it comes to motorcycles, it doesn’t get bigger than the name Harley Davidson. And now when it comes to Harley Davidson dealerships, there’s no bigger place in Texas than the new hog heaven located in Bedford.

“It took probably two years to design, develop, tweak and then about 14 months to build,” owner Adam Smith told NewsFix during Friday’s grand opening.

With the building spanning 72,000 square feet, it’s one of the largest Harley Davidson dealerships in the nation. But even though this place is a sight to see, it also appeals to your sense of smell. Yep, this place has its own unique scent.

“Combination of grease, electrical, fire, leather and rubber,” said Smith. “We came up with a fragrance called ‘Grit.’ It’s a one of a kind fragrance.”

Keeping with the theme, the dealership chose to forgo the traditional ribbon cutting for a “chain-cutting.”

If you want to get a whiff of this new biker paradise for yourself, you can cruise on over this weekend.

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