“How did I get into the motorcycle business? Accidentally.”​

Neil Noble

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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

What sets Calculated Risk apart from other dealership management companies?

First: Adam. He is the best “big picture person” I have ever known. Next: our core values, our long-term oriented approach to business and that we are people-focused.


How would you describe the Calculated Risk brand?

Professional, fun, quality, respected and doing things the right way.


What is Calculated Risk’s strategy for attracting and keeping the top sales and service talent in your stores?

We have a culture based on hard work and success. Our team members have opportunities to move up and we treat the folks we have in such a manner that they become recruiters for us.


To what do you contribute Calculated Risk’s success?

Hard work and a talented team.


What makes you most proud as a Calculated Risk team member?

Seeing folks on our team succeed and how our success as an organization can impact the team and community.


What gives you the greatest satisfaction about working for Calculated Risk?

There are always new challenges and opportunities. We have the ideas and vision for where we can go and it’s almost limitless what we can accomplish.


How did you get into the motorcycle business?

Accidentally. I’ve always had a love for anything with wheels. I started out on the automotive side of the business and impulsively made the decision to change jobs because I thought it would be something interesting to do. But since I got into this side of the business, I have found all aspects of it challenging.


What was your favorite bike ride?

Riding through the northeast is a favorite – through Vermont, the mountains in New Hampshire and along the coast. But living in Kentucky I was able to spend a lot of time biking through the horse country and the rolling hills of the bluegrass mountains.


What is your favorite motorcycle and why?

I’ve owned just about every Harley-Davidson over the years. The Street Glide is one of my favorites because it’s comfortable for someone my size, it handles well and rides well. It’s great for both riding around town and for long distance rides. Right now, I’m customizing a Springer Softail. I really appreciate the timeless style of the Springer’s front end. It’s an iconic model. It’s old school but it has modern touches and technology. 

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